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Email remains key

Email marketing continues to deliver outstanding return on investment (ROI) emarketing
compared to other direct marketing techniques - as a marketing technique, it’s far easier to understand, master and measure for most time-poor business operators!

And email marketing has brilliant return on investment, with studies indicating between 20 times (UK 2013) and 50 times (US 2006) return for each $1 spent. - email is still widely considered the best ROI of any digital marketing approach!

The driveCE team ensures the relative ease for your business in planning, preparing, executing and measuring the success of an email marketing campaign. And while content remains the hardest part for time-poor business operators to come up with on a consistent basis, we can also support the development of professional content required to attract the eye of customers in their increasingly crowded inbox to ensure results.


surveyFind out what your customers think

Using the latest powerful web survey and form tools, we can support
your business in achieving any customer feedback need.
From contact forms, surveys, ordering requirements or payment requests,
our tailored tools will ensure your business gets the data it needs.

And with embedding capability, these tools can be provided to
clients via websites, emails, social media or even their phone!

Once collected, the data analysis and reporting options
are extensive - putting you in the driver's seat.


Join the community!

social media

Setting up a facebook, linked, twitter or foursquare business page?

driveCE takes the hard work out of the initial establishment of
your business presence on common social media sites and
can also assist in building connections with the online community.

We also have the ongoing maintenance of social media content
covered when engaged on a support basis.

Beautiful websites and shopfronts

websiteFrom a product website to a whole of business shopfront, we will assist your business with a strong online presence. With recent figures showing online orders in Australia are worth $237 billion a year, your online shopfront is a critical sales approach.

Using professional web design software with pre-designed layouts, we can save time and ensure a cost effective approach.

Our designs have a wide range of fonts and images optimized for the web, supporting your desired look & feel. And cross-platform coding to the latest industry standards,
guarantees that your website will look exactly as planned on all browsers and devices.

With easy integration of E-Commerce payment solutions, real-time statistics regarding page ranking and traffic to your website and easy content management access allowing you to change, delete or update any content during design and after launch, your business has a total online package.


reportingReporting to drive results

Measuring and driving results is critical for any marketing effort.

All driveCE solutions, from websites to email campaigns and surveys, have a beautiful set of 'real-time' reports - you are able
to see across any promotion at any point who opened, what was clicked, how feedback rates, how many 'likes' were achieved,
what were customers interested in, who they shared it
with and much more.

And with our online client portals, all of this information
is available at any time via a simple login.

Measuring a return on investment couldn't be easier!

print mediaPrint media to compliment activities

Professional, engaging print collateral is within easy reach!

We can also support everything you need to easily turn ideas into stunning print media designs. Creating designs for print - graphics, presentations, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more - ensures that your business can access consistent messaging and resources.

Using leading web design software, all designs are viewable and editable 'on-the-fly', with final approval a breeze before projects are completed and printed.

And with driveCE providing all design files for your preferred printer,
for re-editing and future use, project cost effectiveness is assured!


iphoneReady for Apps?

Taking the leap into tablet or mobile Apps?

With 78% of Australian mobile users researching products
through their mobile device, it’s essential that your
web presence displays perfectly in the mobile environment.

We can assist with cloud based Apps for a wide variety of business applications. And with driveCE working with a leading web App developer, customer focused promotional Apps are more affordable than ever before!

Contact us to discuss your specific needs in further detail.


Services can be up and running in as little as 7 days!







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